3 sep

Summer is nearly here!

Hello Cockburn water polo players

Well, the temperatures may not have risen much yet and talk of summer seems strange but here we are announcing registration for the 2018 summer season.

Just like during winter, we have come up with a simple set of fees for the upcoming summer season. These cover ALL training sessions and games at the Cockburn ARC from October 2017 to March 2018.

Please see the registration form for details. Might as well head over and complete it now …

During the spring and summer months, training times will change to (we will notify you of the change date, this is just a heads up):

Friday 6 – 8pm
Sunday 9 – 10.30am

As we head into warmer months, we expect to see increased numbers of players, young and old. This will allow us to train better and start playing games so come one down to Cockburn ARC.

If you have any questions, suggestions or other inquiries please feel free to contact us by email or via our Facebook page or our club website.

Again, thank you so much to many of you for spreading the word about (y)our new water polo club, really appreciate it.

See you at the pool!

Natalie Turner
Cockburn Water Polo Club

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